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3rd Party Products

A list of tools, libraries and other add-ons shared by 3rd parties.

In alphabetical order:

Hampel Software Engineering

Hampel Software Engineering has a DQMH section on their dokuwiki that provides a list of addons, templates and example projects for DQMH:

  • HSE-ify DQMH Module Tool: Scripting tools for the HSE Flavour of DQMH. Allows to convert a regular DQMH Module to an HSE-Flavour DQMH Module.
  • HSE Windows Application Template: A demo application based on the HSE flavor of DQMH modules with basic functionality for module loading and configuration, UI management and logging/debugging.
  • HSE Generic Networking for DQMH Modules: The DQMH GenNet client and server helper modules provide network connectivity for DQMH modules. The helper modules support both automated, transparent routing in Generic Networking Modules as well as manual extension to any generic DQMH module.

Moore Good Ideas

  • The MGI Panel Manager in combination with their DQMH Panels package adds two new templates for creating modules that implement their panel interface

Neosoft Technologies

  • DQMH New... Menu allows adding the DQMH scripters into the LabVIEW File → New… Dialog.


  • Panther Dashboard for DQMH: Enrique Noé created a DQMH Module as a wrapper for the new Scripting API included in the DQMH 6.1 Release. This Module allows you to have a general overview and have the capabilities to browse your DQMH project.
  • Panther Sniffer for DQMH: Enrique Noé created a new DQMH module Template using MQTT Protocol, this new template allows you to create a DQMH Module as an IOT Device, this template connects with a Mobile app capable to catch the Status Updated Broadcast Events.


  • Antidoc: Olivier Jourdan focuses on documenting DQMH projects


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