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DQMH 2.1

May 2016

Package Versions (DQMH 2.1)

  • Delacor QMH
  • Delacor QMH Event Scripter
  • Delacor QMH Palette
  • Delacor QMH Project Template
  • Delacor QMH Thermal Chamber Example

Major new features

Project Template

  1. For singleton modules, when setting ‘wait for module to stop’ to TRUE on Stop Module.vi, wait until the execution status of the module main VI is ‘idle’ before returning. There is an optional ‘timeout’ input to Stop Module.vi to specify how long the user wants to wait.

DQMH Event Scripter

  1. Added a Validate Module test to check for the obsolete ‘Stop Module’ approach that uses a rendezvous instead of checking the singleton module main VI execution state.
  2. Fixed bug when removing “Do Something” events when creating DQMH modules in non-English versions of LabVIEW.

Shipping Examples

  1. Updated Thermal Chamber Controller DQMH Module to 2.1
  2. Added a wait to the loops in the three Temperature Chamber examples so the event queues are not flooded with status requests. This was an issue if the shipping examples were executed first and then the API tester was used as a sniffer.
  3. Updated calls to Stop Module.vi to include the new timeout optional input.

Minor New Features

Project Template

  1. Added ‘error out’ local variable in “Error” message to update error indicator on panel when an Error message fires, to aid in debugging.
  2. Added a ‘code recommended’ bookmark in the Start Module.vi to aid users in adding parameters to be passed into the Module’s main VI when the module starts.
  3. Moved the Singleton controls to the left of Application.lvlib:Main.vi and the Cloneable controls to the right.

DQMH Palette

  1. Made the message typedef and the queue accessor VIs protected instead of private to provide more functionality to classes that override Message Queue.lvclass.

Documentation updates

  1. Changed version to
  2. Published documentation at: delacor.com/dqmh-documentation. Updated images to reflect DQMH 2.1 version.
  3. Added description of what “DQMH Module Main” refers to in the Nomenclature section.
  4. Clarified the titles for the shipping examples and provided a link to skip TestStand sections if not using it.
  5. Added links at the end of each section to go back to the Table of Contents.
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