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DQMH 4.1

October 2018

Package Versions (DQMH 4.1)

  • Delacor QMH
  • Delacor QMH Event Scripter
  • Delacor QMH Palette
  • Delacor QMH Project Template
  • Delacor QMH Thermal Chamber Example

Major new features

  1. Added new tool to convert “Request” Events to “Request and Wait for Reply” Events.
  2. Added DQMH CML Sample Project (DQMH version of the NI QMH Continuous Measurement and Logging sample project).
  3. All DQMH core VIs are now reentrant to improve the performance of DQMH applications.
  4. NI has assigned error codes 403680 – 403719 to DQMH.
  5. New “Round Trip” event behavior that incorporates Request and Wait for Reply + a Broadcast with the reply payload. –> As requested here

DQMH Palette

  1. All DQMH core VIs are now reentrant to improve the performance of DQMH applications.

DQMH Scripter

  1. New “Round Trip” event behavior that incorporates Request and Wait for Reply + a Broadcast with the reply payload. –> As requested here
  2. New “Convert DQMH Event” tool to convert a “Request” to a “Request and Wait for Reply”.
  3. More intuitive organization of Tools>Delacor>DQMH menu.
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements.
  5. Allowed for a non-empty destination folder for the new module, as long as the destination folder only contains non-LabVIEW files. This is to support the case where the folder may already have some (non-LabVIEW) SCC files before the module is saved into it.
  6. Fixed bug where the Validate Results UI close window did not work as expected.
  7. Changed the new event VI scripting tools to ensure the controls on the panel of the event VIs are exactly the same as they were defined in the arguments window. This means captions, ranges and other control properties are part of the input on the event VI. This means that no controls in the Arguments Window can have duplicate labels and no controls in the Arguments Window can use the following labels: Module ID, error in (no error), error out, timed out?
  8. (DQMH 4.1 patch via DQMH Fixed bug that caused the “Convert DQMH Event” menu option to not work when called via Zuehlke Project explorer for DQMH.
  9. (DQMH 4.1 patch via DQMH Expedited DQMH Module renaming by removing the code to save dependencies, as a module rename should not have any effect on the module’s dependencies.

DQMH Validation Tool

New Validate/Fix DQMH Module Tools for:

  1. Improving reentrancy settings for existing DQMH modules.
  2. Replacing old DQMH Module error codes in the 500x range with new DQMH Module errors. NI has assigned to DQMH error codes in the 4036xx error code range.
  3. Validating if Request and Wait for Reply events have the new “wait” input parameter.
  4. Updated “Find Tester” test to check if a found tester is also present in the project. If not, returns a failure.

Project Template

  1. DQMH core VIs are now reentrant to improve the performance of DQMH applications.
  2. Updated DQMH Project Template to include DQMH 4.1 changes.
  3. Updated DQMH Project Template to have Do Something events use the same constructs as scripted events, to promote consistency in our code. This change included updating “Do Something and Wait for Reply” to have the optional “wait for reply” input.
  4. Changes to “Remove Do Something” scripting code to account for the new Do Something approach in the project template.
  5. Made VIs in the cloneable library to be reentrant, except for:
  6. Destroy Sync Refnums.vi
  7. Get Sync Refnums.vi
  8. Updated documentation pages to include new Help topics.
  9. Added New DQMH CML Sample Project Template.

DQMH Thermal Chamber Examples

  1. Updated DQMH shipping examples to DQMH 4.1 design.
  2. TestStand: Fixed bug where sequence files would fail due to a change in output name for Find TestReport Directory.vi.
  3. Recreated the Request and Wait for Status.vi and Update Chamber Status.vi into Request Chamber Status.vi which is part of a round trip that is linked to Chamber Status Updated.vi. Updated the code to broadcast the reply when the request is called as a request and wait for a reply. This follows DQMH best practices. If several modules are registered to listen to broadcasts and only one module sends a request and wait for a reply, the others will know the reply via the broadcast. This is particularly useful when calling DQMH API in TestStand and using the DQMH API as a sniffer.
  4. Recreated old round trip events to no longer be linked. Instead, the request and broadcast have their own argument. This affected Update Set Point.vi, Set Point Updated.vi, Update Ramp Rate.vi, Ramp Rate Updated.vi, Update Heater State.vi, Heater State Updated.vi, Update DUT Status.vi, and DUT Status Updated.vi.
  5. Created a Launch Module from TestStand.vi that calls Start Module and Synchronize Module Events with a clear comment that TestStand does not register for the broadcast events. Having this Launch Module from TestStand.vi means that every time the developer creates a new DQMH event, they don’t have to go relink the Start Module.vi because the Broadcast cluster changed and thus the Start Module.vi connector pane changed.


  1. Updated Change History section in help documentation.
  2. Added a new section for the new DQMH CML Sample Project to the Shipping Examples and Integration with TestStand section
  3. Added a new section for the new feature Converting an Existing DQMH Event
  4. Updated Round Trip behavior description in the Creating a New DQMH Event section
  5. Added a new section for Integrating DQMH Unit Tests with InstaCoverage
  6. Replaced the XML contents of the Metadata in the Adding a New DQMH Module from a Custom Template with an image of the code and indications of where to find the example file to copy its contents from there. Some developers reported that copying the code directly from this document would result in errors.
  7. Updated new menu organization going from having all the tools within the Delacor»DQMH» menu to having four menus: Delacor»DQMH»Event, Delacor»DQMH»Module, Delacor»DQMH»Real-Time Tools, and Delacor»DQMH»Testing Tools
  8. Updated menu images with new menu organization at Modifying this Template, DQMH in LabVIEW Real Time, DQMH API Tester for RT.
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