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DQMH 3.1

January 2017

Package Versions (DQMH 3.1)

  • Delacor QMH
  • Delacor QMH Event Scripter
  • Delacor QMH Palette
  • Delacor QMH Project Template
  • Delacor QMH Thermal Chamber Example

DQMH Scripter

- Fixed bug in scripting code that was incorrectly parsing project items and identifying a VI (added by the developer) with a file name that started with “Broadcasts” as the “Broadcasts” folder in the project.

Project Template

  1. Added an Open.FP call in the Initialize Panel state to show the panel of the main application VI, along with a comment explaining that this is necessary in case external code is launching this VI programmatically. This would happen, for example, when launching the top level application from a splash screen.

DQMH Thermal Chamber Examples

  1. Previous versions of the examples were inserting the Delacor examples directory at the bottom of the Search Directories every time the sequence was loaded. This version removes any Delacor Examples duplicate directories (even if they are from a different LabVIEW version) and ensures the Delacor Examples directory is only inserted once at the end of the Search Directories in TestStand.
  2. All DQMH modules in example project pass the Delacor DQMH Validate test.
  3. Added Test TestStand Manager DQMH API.vi to project with an explanation of why this tester is not needed.
  4. DQMH Toolkit package forces mass compile on DQMH examples, too (Previously, it was only doing it for Project Template and Scripting VIs).


  1. Included a DQMH Template Example with instructions to add this to the Module Type options for the Tools>Delacor>Add New DQMH Module… menu option.
  2. Updated Documentation.
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