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DQMH 4.2

February 2019

Package Versions (DQMH 4.2)

  • Delacor QMH
  • Delacor QMH Event Scripter
  • Delacor QMH Palette
  • Delacor QMH Project Template
  • Delacor QMH Thermal Chamber Example

Major new features

  1. DQMH Broadcast Events have a glyph on their icon –> as requested here
  2. New DQMH Tools menu to create DQMH Module Templates –> as requested here
  3. When creating a Request and Wait for Reply, there is an additional Arguments window for the reply arguments –> as requested here

DQMH Palette

  1. Updated Enqueue Message VI to be marked as inline

DQMH Scripter

  1. New Tools>Delacor>DQMH>Module menu option to Create a DQMH Module Template
  2. Added checkbox to Event creation wizard to automatically create a button on the API Tester –> as requested here
  3. When creating a Request event or a Request and Wait for Reply event, there is an additional Reply Payload Arguments window
  4. New Broadcast VIs now display an event glyph on the lower right corner of their icon

DQMH Validation Tool

New Validate/Fix DQMH Module Tools for:

  1. Added a test and fixer for updating Broadcast VI icons to have the event glyph
  2. Added new validate test and fixer for tagging Broadcast and Request VIs that are not tagged
  3. Added extra suggestion to the validate module message for Request and Wait without the optional wait parameter.

Project Template

Upgraded DQMH modules to match DQMH 4.2:

  1. Added event icon overlay to all broadcast VIs in DQMH project templates
  2. Tag a request VI in the CML project template that wasn’t properly tagged
  3. Fixed a couple of misspellings (“rendez vous” and “clonable”) in our Project Template code
  4. Made sure the build spec version information for all the project templates start at version and are set to auto increment

DQMH Thermal Chamber Examples

Upgraded DQMH modules to match DQMH 4.2:

  1. Added event icon overlay to all broadcast VIs in DQMH example
  2. Tag all request and broadcast VIs in shipping example


  1. Updated Change History section in the help documentation. See the Change history section of the documentation for more details.
  2. Moved the DQMH Project Template example to the Examples folder
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